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26 March 2007 @ 07:00 am
Mutter hat gesagt, dass Sie mit mir nicht sprechen könnten. Warum?
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14 February 2007 @ 09:19 pm
Guitar class is canceled tomorrow. Enjoy your time off.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone else.

03 February 2007 @ 05:32 am
So, with a few bats of my big blue eyes and a sweet and innocent smile - okay that's not true. lol. Anyway, I, Paige Guthrie, got Bobby Drake to freeze the lake for tomorrow afternoon and was wondering who all was up for a little ice skating.

Everyone's welcome. And since I'm being asked to cook by someone I suppose I can definitely fix a warm meal for anyone interested afterwards. Hot chocolate and marshmallows included.
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Current Music: She Used To Be Mine - Brooks & Dunn
26 January 2007 @ 02:03 am
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
13 January 2007 @ 07:07 am
Converse and enjoy. kthxbai.

C. Xavier